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tomorrow. reverend terry jones first said he canceled the eye vent after developers agreed to move the site of a proposed mosque from ground zero. an imam close to the project says it is not a done deal. after having that, jones backtracked his plans to burn the koran. >> we're a little bit back to square one. we're prayerfully considering what we would do. >> the imam who met with jones yesterday met with jones yesterday. >> we are ending our workweek on a clear, cool note. >> it is definitely sweater weather. feels so great out there. >> it does, another glorious day about to commence here shortly.
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our sunrise is still over two hours away. it's getting hard to get used to the dark mornings. 64 at national airport. it's near 60 in prince george's county. in arlington county near 60 and upper 50s in montgomery and fairfax and cooler farther to our west. low to mid-50s, many rural locations of maryland and virginia. in the mountains, in the 40s, much of western maryland and west virginia mid-40s this morning. as we look at the view from space, we have a few clouds in pennsylvania that may drift down here, otherwise lots of sun with highs reaching upper 70s. mid-50s by dawn on saturday. sunny saturday morning, clouds developing during the afternoon. then cloudy saturday night. late saturday night into sunday morning through midday sunday, we have a chance for a few
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passing showers and then dry for the skins game sunday night and dry again as we get back to work and school on monday. how is the traffic? >> one complication is university boulevard eastbound at dennis avenue, we're affected by an accident where a utility car was struck by a car. they've been working on that throughout the evening and overnight hours. it sounds like they are about to open one eastbound lane and lifting the construction in virginia along the capitol beltway. pat and eun, back to you. >> two women hit by an out of control car in adams morgan are still in the hospital fighting for their lives this morning. now we're learning more about the driver. 23-year-old chamica adams had a blood alcohol level price the legal limit. she was a district shortly before she crashed in front of a restaurant hitting two
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pedestrians. julia suffered a broken pelvis and severe head trauma, her injuries are said to be life threatening. melissa from france suffered a broken leg and serious head injuries. both are students at johns hopkins university school of advanced international studies near dupont circle. >> it's a horrible tragedy. and we are deeply shocked that this happened and hopeful that there will be a speedy recovery for the students involved. adams has been charged with a dwi and aggravated assault. >> for the fourth time this year, a metro access driver is being accused of sexual misconduct. 59-year-old samuel king ston allegedly fondled a passenger late last month in silver spring. kingston grabbed a woman with
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palsy. >> satisfied with the fact that they have an adequate screening process. you get a couple of bad apples when you have this many employees and different types of transportation situations. >> the company that owns challenger transportation released a statement that says in part, quote, every drive in the metro access service must go through a background check prior to employment. we strongly believe the incident of alleged abuse are isolated. kingston has denied the charges himself and due in court october 1st. nearly 100 metro buses are off the road this morning for unscheduled maintenance. the transit system says each one could need hydraulic pump repairs, the part possibly sparked a fire yesterday involving one of the 10-year-old buses near springfield. metro pulled the remaining 99
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orion 6 models off the road as precaution. metro says customers shouldn't have major delays to deal with. just days before the d.c. mayor's primary, there are allegations that some people may be getting paid to vote. 14,000 city residents have already cast their ballots but vincent gray says the early voting has been mared by one or two allegations that they've been paid to vote. he is reacting to a television story in which he was told he would be paid by a fenty worker and never was. gray has asked for a formal investigation. >> this should be put to rest quickly and investigated immediately by the board much elections and fbi and anything else. >> our office will handle any investigations. we will refer those to the authorities. ness a federal election, federal laws do apply. mayor fenty told news 4 the
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voluntary vote buying allegation is murky at best. he is solely focused on the issues represented to the campaign. the board of elections has not received a formal complaints about the allegations. federal funding for stem cell research is continue for now. 22 stem cell projects around the country were scheduled to get checks in september, the back and forth decisions could have jeopardized some research projects that are hard to start and stop. the appeals court panel says its ruling is only temporary and more time is needed to deal with issues surrounding the case. there's finally positive news coming from the job market this morning. the labor department says the number of people signing up for unemployment benefits dropped last week to 450,000, the lowest level in two months. anlalysts say it is an
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encouraging sign. positive figures on u.s. exports pushed the stocks higher. it's also pointing towards a positive start today. the nasdaq closed at 2236. president obama is scheduled to hold his eighth press conference at the white house this morning. the main topics of conversation will include steps to improve the economy and bp oil spill disaster. it is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. football fans rejoice, the nfl is back. and last night the season kicked off with a rematch of last year's nf krmt championship game. the new orleans saints hosted the minnesota vikings in a game that was a little less exciting than last year's showdown. drew brees and brett favre threw for a touchdown but it is a low-scoring game for two
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offensive power houses. the saints came out on top. 14-9. the redskins are getting ready for what could be a thriller for their season opener. the skins kick off against their archrival dallas cowboys on sunday. fans are rallying the troops. bur gundy and gold popping up around the region. and it's the first game for new coach mike shanahan and donovan mcnabb. >> we need him to play. >> they need him to play. >> go skins. 4:38 is your time. the wait will soon be over for drivers. there could be a relief on the beltway. >> up next, we'll get a check on your early morning
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good morning, a fresh and cool start. at 4:41, we've got very cool conditions once again down into the 50s, most locations outside the beltway, except near the waters in the low to mid-60s as well as downtown washington. elsewhere, a very cool start. only in the 40s in the mountains. highs today reaching the upper 70s and clear tonight and another cool evening. down into the 50s again tomorrow morning. a beautiful day on saturday, a few clouds during the afternoon
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and evening. then late saturday night into sunday we could get much needed rain but ought to dry out in time for the game sunday night. we'll look at the next week in ten minutes. harry tom sas here with our traffic. >> so far pretty good. we're feeling with a problem in silver spring at dennis avenue, eastbound lanes are closed and westbound lanes are open, the car went into a utility pole and wires and pole are on the road. the road construction has two left lane closed overnight in lort lorton. on the outer loop at 66, road construction in all outer loops are closed before you get back on the beltway. the time is 4:4 2. if you drive on the beltway, you could get relief soon. >> nearly a half dozen families are looking for new homes after a town house fire.
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>> we're following overnight developments in that koran burning controversy. we'll tell you what the pastor is now saying he's going to do about his book burning event. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon. time for football on verizon fios. the nfl in 100% fiber-optic hd quality. that's a good start. but what's this? i can check my fantasy stats without changing the channel. and get an alert any time my team enters the red zone. and then watch every red zone play on nfl redzone. watch out couch,
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another metro access driver has been arrested on charges of sexual misconduct. 59-year-old samuel king ton allegedly fondled a passenger late last month. he is the fourth to be charged this year. more than 14,000 d.c. voters have cast their ballots in this year's primaries but now there are allegations of vote buying. vincent gray is calling for an investigation after hearing a report that someone was told they were going to be paid by mayor adrian fenty's campaign. the board of elections says no formal complaints have been
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filed. a federal judge in california says the military's ban on openly gay members is unconstitutional. the ruling was handed down last night. the judge says she will issue an injunction halting don't ask, don't tell. lawyers say it should be decided by congress. a woman is in custody after a shooting inside a kraft food facility in philadelphia. two people died and another is in the hospital. the plan suspended the 43-year-old woman yesterday and she returned with a hand gun and started shooting. sources say about 100 people were in the building at the time investigators say the woman called 911 from her cell phone inside the plant and turned herself in. >> now to the controversial plans to burn the koran. the leader of that small church in gainesville, florida says he is still considering the move on the anniversary of 9/11 tomorrow. the reverend terry jones made the announcement after first saying he was going to cancel
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his plans. tracie potts explains how the decision goes against many political and religious leaders. >> reporter: after a call from the pentagon and talk with leaders jones said he would call off the koran burning. >> we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: hours later jones accused the muslim leader standing next to him about lying whether a mosque next to ground zero will be moved. now he says the event may be back on. the florida imam said he agreed to ask new york investors to move the mosque but never promised it was a done deal. >> he clearly understood there were no cut deals over there in new york. >> reporter: the new york team says they never agreed. now the white house may get involved. a white house spokesman accused jones of seeking publicity. >> this is a desperate man
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seeking the attention of the better part of the world. >> reporter: complicating things, donald trump offered to buy the new york mosque site for 25% more than they paid and they turned him down. federal authorities don't believe there is anything they can do to stop this event. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. american female hiker held in iran for more than a year is expected to be released tomorrow. iranian officials say sarah shourd's release will coincide with the holy month of ramadan. she needs treatment for a lump in her breast. she crossed the border illegally and there is no word on fate of other two hikers jailed. iran threatened to put them on trial for spying. five families are out of their home after a fast moving fire in herndon, virginia.
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it damaged several town homes at the reflection lakes complex. you could see heavy smoke for miles away. several pets had to be rescue youed but no people were hurt. the flames spread quickly because of the wind and vinyl siding on some of the homes. >> black smoke was everywhere, it was scary. >> it's going to be hard for community for a little while. i don't believe i'll put up that siding any time soon. >> investigators believe the fire started in a shed behind the homes. there are concerns this morning that a massive wildfire in colorado could move from the rocky mountains foothills into the city of boulder. the wildfire has already destroyed 170 homes. some residents in boulder are being warned to get ready to evacuate and urged to clear their lawns of large items and mow tall grass to avoid fueling
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the flames. strong winds have made it difficult for firefighters battling the fire for days. the remnants of tropical storm hermine continue to cause deadly flooding in the midwest. four people have died. and a swimmer in texas and man who tried to drive across a swollen creek are latest victims. the storms have also spawned several tornadoes in texas and southern oklahoma. rough weather there. >> we were talking about a little bit of rain this weekend. >> we need it. it's been parched here too. this is really getting kind of serious here. and we do need some much needed rain. it does appear it's going to be arriving on sunday. we are running now a little over six inches below average for the year. bring it on. it does appear it's going to be moving in quite likely saturday night. this friday morning is dawning
4:51 am
clear. 74 at the airport. a light northwesterly breeze, temperatures outside the beltway in the 50s, except in the water it's in the low 60s. in the mountains in the mid-40s. western maryland and west virginia away from the waters in the 50s. this is kurtcy of a large area of a canadian high pressure that continues to move over us. some the leading edge of the rains from what's left of her mine into western tennessee. for the bus stop students, we'll have sunshine but it will be cool, in the 50s and low 60s in the city. by noontime in the mid-70s and still a bit breezy this afternoon as we reach the upper 70s. sunset 7:24. a clear night tonight in the 60s through this friday evening. good night for getting out for friday evening revelries. sunday morning, cool in the 50s.
4:52 am
it looks great for the football games tonight and tomorrow, great weather for that. sunday morning through midday, into early afternoon, perhaps showers and looks like good weather for the skins/cowboys game. eric, how's the traffic? >> 95 northbound starting in newington towards springfield on the left side of the screen, seeing some slow traffic here. 95 southbound between 75 and lor do ton, two left lanes closed overnight. dennis avenue, westbound lanes are open, there's utility work because a car brought down wires because it went into a pole here at university boulevard. i'm eric thomas, back to you. after years of controversy and debate, the inner county connector will soon be open for business and traffic.
4:53 am
icc is being built in five segments, the first one is a five-mile stretch is nearly complete and could open up in the next three to four months. we got a chance to tour that section of the roadway. transportation leaders say the icc will provide a quicker route between montgomery and prince george's counties and should help relieve congestion on local roads. >> a lot of the work that's left to be completed is weather dependent. we're focusing to get this section complete by late this year or early 2011. but the weather will play a critical role in whathe actual completion date will be. >> when the entire highway is complete, the 18-mile stretch will connect gaithersburg and laur rel. the trip will take 27 minutes compared to 71 minutes for commuters who use local roads, speed it up a little. time is 4:53. why the navy is banning a new
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video game. workers want to [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v visit new rules should be released about how long airline pilots can remain on duty without arrest. the federal aviation administration is expected to make the announcement during a news conference today. the proposal follows concerns that pilot fatigue was a
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contributing factor in a crash last year in buffalo, new york that killed 50 people. airlines have questioned how much new restrictions could cost them. current rules limit pilots to a 16-hour day and eight hours of flight time within 24 hours. a controversial video game has been banned for sales at naval base stores. ea warns there's blood, strong violence and violence in the latest medal of honor game. but it's causing an uproar because it allows players to become taliban fighters who become american troops. >> it's kind of messed up. >> i might get it. >> it just is pretty much just a video game. >> e a's president says the game was a creative risk but the company is standing by its product. a new study shows that
4:58 am
hospitals need to build trust with the african-american community to boost their blood supply. the study looked at reasons why african-americans donate blood at lower rates than whites. distrust in the health care system including blood donation process was one of main reasons. several local schools are celebrating a big achievement this morning. they were chosen by the department of education as 2010 blue ribbon schools. one of those schools was the school without walls senior high school in northwest washington where education officials made the announcement yesterday. they say the school earned blue ribbon status because of the rigorous curriculum it offers to a diverse student body. st. john the baptist in silver spring, new market elementary in frederick county and northern middle school in calvert county. a d.c. post office could soon hold the name of a late civil rights activist.
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wants to remain the post office after dorothy height. height championed countless efforts for equality and racial justice. the bill should be introduced next week. the time is 4:59. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. new video overnight of a fiery explosion. dozens of homes go up in flames. what caused the massive fire balls in northern california. don't ask, don't tell, a federal judge rules the controversial policy is unconstitutional. the race for d.c. mayor, new allegations of voting fraud and call for an investigation. good morning. i'm pat law son muse.

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